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Nighthawk Athletics has partnered with Dr. Richard Uhler 
who will donate $20 back to MVHS Athletics from your sports physical fee. 

Alert: Clearance Information

3/14/2021 - Attention Nighthawk Athletes & Parents: Clearance will be processed on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday only.
Please allow two (2) business days for a response.

Pre-Participation Physical Form

Nighthawk Athletics has partnered with Dr. Uhler who will donate $20 back to MVHS Athletics from your sports physical fee.  

Dr. Uhler has the required MVUSD Pre-Participation Physical Form or you can print and bring your own (see form below).  

Please note the top portion needs to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and a doctor will fill out the bottom part.  

Once the physical is completed, you must send it with all required documents to


Click link below to create new account or update account from last year (19/20 to 20/21).  This account must be updated each school year that you participate in sports. 

All athletes must provide proof of insurance.  If your athlete does not have insurance, please click HERE.  

Important Notes

Common mistakes that delay the athletic clearance process:


1.  Make sure a parent has signed the physical form (yellow highlighted box underneath the emergency information).

2.  There are 15 required signatures on the online account - 8 that require a parent name & 7 that require a student name.  DO NOT LET YOUR COMPUTER AUTO-FILL THIS AREA!  Since a parent signature is asked for first, the computer may try to auto-fill all 15 questions w/the parent name.  This will cause an extended delay in getting cleared.  Make sure all 15 questions are answered individually - Parent name on parent lines and student name on student lines.

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Darin Mott

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Karee Mason

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